Chef Albert Einstein

Chef Albert Einstein

Twisted Timelines -June 1894

In June of 1894, the Einstein family moves from Germany to Italy in search of better work due to financial hardship. Struggling financially, Albert, fifteen years old at the time, stays in Munich to finish the school year after his parents move to Pavia, Italy. However, he lasts only one term on his own and then follows his family to Italy.

A year later, 16 years old Albert Einstein attempts to skip high school by taking an entrance exam to the Swiss Polytechnic, a top technical university but fails the arts portion.

In a twisted reality, without his family’s support, struggling with depression for several months, Albert hopelessly buries his dreams of science and joins a culinary art school to become a chef.

In this reality, his secret pizza recipe gains popularity as he insists that the chef’s cooking efforts(energy) and the crust’s secret sauce (matter) are interchangeable and therefore different forms of the same pizza.

Buon appetito!